AHU 200 H and V

AHU 200 is a ventilation unit in Ensy its AHU series. AHU 200 left and right variant has a capacity of 200 m³ / h and is suitable for flats / houses and villas. The models are based on the best available technology here has resulted in: Energy efficiency and low noise. Very user management and an appealing design. AHU-200 is designed for wall mounting. AHU- aggregates are of course designed to cope with the requirements of current regulations. In addition manages aggregates requirements of Passive House standard.

  Heating battery -Phase/Voltage (50Hz/VAC) ~1 / 230
  -Power consumption (W) 800
  Fans -Phase/Voltage (50Hz/VAC) ~1 / 230
  -Total current for both fans at NORM operation (A) 0,19
  Fuse   (A) 10
  Automatic system     Integrated
  Filter class Superpleat   F7
  Thermal insulation Sides and top/bottom   25 mm
  Front door   50 mm
  Weight (kg)   47
Airflow (Supply) [m³/h]
Pressure (Supply) [PA]
AHU-200 H

AHU-200 V
Airflow (Extract) [m³/h]
Pressure (Extract) [PA]
AHU-200 H

AHU-200 V

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393801-2 User manual and Instruction Guide AHU-200 H and V  Right/Left English
Koblingsskjema/Wiring diagram AHU-200 H og V Right/Left Norsk/English